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New Master Gardeners

New Advanced Master Gardeners

Re-Certified Master Gardeners

Lifetime Service Awards

Master Gardeners of the Year

Silent Auction

Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park Strategic Plan: Imagining 2018

Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park Strategic Plan: Latest News

New Master Gardeners

Lindy Barnes
Peggy Burman
Jillian Foerster
Corey Hansen
Mary Lynn Heid
Jason Hill
Joanne Johnsen
Mary Norris
Kathleen Olson
Judith Reich
Kathleen Scott
Laurie Schneider
Barbara Solomonson
Barbara Springsteen
Terry Virta
Linda Walter
Marvin Walter
Tom Waurzyniak
Glynis Waycaster
Lori White

New Advanced Master Gardeners

Kelly Dillan
Kristine Drake
Michael Kiessel
Lori Oberson
Jill Porter

Re-Certified Master Gardeners

Trina Ball
Elizabeth Clous
Mike Davis
Marina Deering
Nancy Denison
Kelly Dillan
Martha Dively
Kristine Drake
Lin Emmert
Barbara Fasulo-Emmott
Betsy Fisher
Janet Fleshman
Candy Gardner
Rick George
JoAnne Gerben
Cheryl Gross
Theresa Harding
Michael Kiessel
Anne Kline
Marian Kromkowski
Evelyn Laman
Nancy Larson
Kathleen Lewis
Lillian Mahaney
Rebecca Mang
Deborah Marsh
Lynn McAndrews
Karen McClatchey
Ann McInnis
Martha McPheters-Ealy
Gary Michalek
Whitney Miller
Ann Nichols
Kathy Pilon
Jill Porter
Elaine Resh Phyllis Robinson
Cynthia Rosiek
Cynthia Sack
Joseph Sarafa
Sue Sensenbaugh-Padgett
Luc Serriere
Deborah Slusher
Sue Soderberg
Sara Sokolnicki
Ruth Steele-Walker
Valerie Trumbull
Randolph Trumbull
Peggi Tucker
Suzanne Waring
Larry Winegar
Michele Worden

Lifetime Service Awards

250 Hours

Kelly Dillan
Candy Gardener
Cheryl Gross
Whitney Miller
Ruth Steele-Walker
Suzanne Waring
Larry Winegar

500 Hours

Karen McClatchey
Martha McPheters-Ealy
Luc Serriere

1500 Hours

Ann McInnis

Top 10

Luc Serriere, 360.5 Hours
Ann McInnis, 319 Hours
Karen McClatchey, 303 Hours
Martha McPheters-Ealy, 253 Hours
Whitney Miller, 178.5 Hours
Trina Ball, 128.25 Hours
Nancy Larson, 127 Hours
Theresa Harding, 121 Hours
Ann Nichols, 119 Hours
Marina Deering, 104.5 Hours

Master Gardeners of the Year

Benzie: Cheryl Gross
Grand Traverse: Liz Clous
Leelanau: Kathy Lewis
*Special recognition to Kathleen Olson in Wexford

Silent Auction

by Lillian Mahaney

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the recent Master Gardener Scholarship Fund Silent Auction at our annual volunteer appreciation luncheon. The auction this year raised just over $750 for scholarships. (Can you see me doing the Snoopy Happy Dance?)

Thank you to Nancy, Becky, Deb, Trina, Kristine, Luc and Victoria for their contributions to, and assistance with, the auction. If I have left out anyone please forgive me and know that the error was not intentional.

Thank you to everyone who purchased the items. The auction would not have been such a success without everyone being so generous with their time, their donations and their purchases.

Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park Strategic Plan: Imagining 2018

Submitted by Marina Deering

Think about what 2018 holds for all of us. What goals, accomplishments and tasks would you like to see completed by that year? How would you measure the success of those tasks? 12 board members and volunteers from the community met recently to discuss and respond to the following question about the Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park:

What specific accomplishments would you like to see in place by January 2018 that would demonstrate the Botanic Gardens at Historic Barns Park has made significant progress toward the long-term vision of a completed, LEED-certified, sustainable public garden that is functioning as the #1 year-round attraction in northwest Michigan?

The BGHBP board and volunteers created the following vision of accomplishment:

Three years from now multiple established gardens and renovated historic buildings, along with a committed Board of Directors and professional staff, will have positioned the Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park as a recognized, respected brand with the components in place to flourish for decades to come.

One strategic priority for action over the next three years includes working on elements that will enable the Garden to function as an established attraction that is poised for completion. Specific accomplishments in this area will include completed gardens and building renovations, resolution of parking, road and signage issues on the Historic Barns Park property and a working marketing plan that builds the Botanic Garden’s brand awareness and reputation at the state and national levels.

Another strategic priority for the next three years is a thriving Board of Directors for the Botanic Garden with solid governance and leadership and professional-level staffing that provides effective management for the Garden. Accomplishments for this priority will include organizational stability with maintainable policies and practices in place, a long-term lease for the property, a robust development program that includes sustainable revenue streams, and integration and use of technology that encourages productivity and achievement of the Garden’s operational, funding and marketing goals.

The Botanic Garden is cognizant of obstacles, barriers or roadblocks that may prevent realization of this vision and implementation of the strategic priorities. Participants in the planning process identified the following potential issues to be considered in developing the strategy for action:

  1. Competition for donors with other worthy non-profit organizations and projects
  2. Volunteer burnout
  3. Potential changes at the Recreational Authority Board
  4. Garfield Township and City of Traverse City politics
  5. Sensitivity toward the impact the Botanic Garden’s actions will have on the other management entities on the Historic Barns Park property
  6. The impact the Cathedral Barn events will have on the Botanic Garden
  7. Usage issues and potential conflicts with other users at Historic Barns Park
  8. Limited number of influential leaders to assume responsibility — there is competition for these types of people

Goals for 2015

  1. Long-term lease on the property
  2. Hire an Executive Director to start no later than January 2016
  3. Paid accounting service (990, audit, financial controls)
  4. Fully implement and integrate database and software
  5. Establishment of a formal group of Historic Barns Park stakeholders to address shared infrastructure issues including roads and parking
  6. Draft and begin implementing a comprehensive marketing plan
  7. Implement fund development plan recommended by the Garden’s development consultants
  8. Complete the Walled Garden and Visitor Center Garden, pool; install Wagon House roof and garage doors
  9. Fill vacancies on the Board of Directors and complete the review and revisions of governance, structure, by-laws and functions

The Botanic Garden’s Board of Directors is committed to achieving its strategic priorities over the next three years and welcomes community participation in attaining these goals. The Garden continues to seek out, expand, and nurture relationships with volunteer groups, private and public entities and others to develop and “grow the garden.”


Botanic Gardens at Historic Barns Park: Latest News

by Terry Harding and Cheryl Gross

  1. Concrete for the silo pool and fountain is in process. Pictures can be found on the Garden’s Facebook page:
  1. Discussions continue regarding installing green roofs on several buildings. Some buildings are strong enough to support the weight of a green roof, other buildings will need reinforcements.
  1. Donations and funding for the Gardens are on-going. Individuals are giving. A Home Depot grant for Garage updates and improvements, plus Home Depot employee labor is in the works. An application for a grant from Chemical Bank is completed and the Gardens await word on that award.
  1. The Strategic Plan is completed (and included here). Work is ongoing with the Garden’s Recreational Authority partners and Garfield Township to begin plan implementation.
  1. 40,000 spring bulbs have been planted and are stored in the root cellar. Goal is to maintain proper temperature and humidity for a fabulous show in spring.


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