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Master Gardener College Scholarships

On The Radar: May

Cheryl Gross, Advanced Master Gardener, Vice President MGANM, President Plant It Wild

In May, there are many opportunities to establish your volunteering for the season.  Libraries, Schools, Community Gardens, and Community Beautification projects are each in need of Master Gardener leadership in May.  Community gardens that donate produce to food banks are especially in need of layout, planning and planting expertise. Share the wealth of knowledge you have with your community! 

Keep in touch with volunteering opportunities through MSUE email updates and MGANM.

Keynote Speaker Paul Zammit at MG College 2016. Photo by Michele Worden

Master Gardener College Scholarships

Cheryl Gross, Advanced Master Gardener, Vice President MGANM, President Plant It Wild

The purpose of the Master Gardener Volunteer Training Program is to advance the horticultural knowledge of the citizenry.  When MSU Extension educates ‘regular folks’ in current, scientifically-based practices, the intent is that the ‘trainees’ will, in-turn, volunteer in their communities and raise the knowledge base of all.  Well, that is the plan.  Many of us initially take the class for selfish reasons.  We want to know more and be better gardeners for our OWN purposes.  The Master Gardener Volunteer Training program I took was FANTASTIC.  I enjoyed each and every chapter and class.  I loved the learning…. and S L O W L Y came to understand the ‘volunteering’ part.  That is where the ‘association’ came in.  Thank heavens! for the Master Gardener Association of Northwest Michigan (MGANM).  Without them, learning about volunteering opportunities and having easy access to timely education would not be possible.

MGANM, in addition to being a clearinghouse for volunteering and education, raises funds annually to offer one or two scholarships to the Master Gardener Volunteer Training class (offered at the Hort Center in Leelanau County) AND to send current Master Gardeners to Master Gardener College offered at MSU in East Lansing each June.  The purpose of the scholarships is to encourage those, who otherwise might not be able, to attend.  The scholarships have strings attached.  Those who accept the scholarship money are expected to join MGANM and raise the knowledge of the community as a whole through sharing the knowledge and experiences earned! The ripple effect.

It is not complicated.  Get smart; share knowledge.

Currently, MGANM has TWO Master Gardener College Scholarships available for attendance June 23 and 24, 2017 in East Lansing.  One is funded through MGANM fundraising efforts; the second is funded by Brian Zimmerman, owner of Four Season Nursery, a landscape designer, and plant care servicer.  His desire in offering the scholarship is the same as the original purpose of MG Training.  Create a ripple effect that raises the horticultural IQ of our region.  A third 2017 Master Gardener Scholarship is offered through the Botanic Gardens at Historic Barns Park.  They are a partner with MGANM and benefit from the volunteering of many Master Gardeners.

Therefore, we encourage ALL Master Gardeners in our region interesting in sharing knowledge to apply for one of these three scholarships!  Contact the Botanic Gardens for their application procedures, if you volunteer there.  To apply for one of the two scholarships available through MGANM, answer the following questions and send them to Cheryl Gross, MGANM VP @ or mail to 4628 Westbrook Dr., Traverse City, MI, 49685. Deadline to apply is June 9, 2017.


Contact Information:

MG Training Class Year:

MG Volunteering Experience:

Why you wish to attend Master Gardener College:

How you Intend to Share your new Knowledge with your Community:

If awarded the scholarship, you will be expected to join MGANM and attend Board Meetings and Membership meetings during 2018 and submit an article to the Real Dirt on the Master Gardener College experience.

We hope to have many applicants from which to choose!  Contact Michele Worden or Whitney Miller about the Master Gardener College experience.

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