Steward – May 2017

On the Radar:  May

Cheryl Gross, Advanced Master Gardener, Vice President MGANM, President Plant It Wild

Begin May with a soil test!  Test your lawn soil OR your vegetable soil OR your flower garden soil.  Know what your soil needs and treat to address those needs.  Locally, McGough’s accepts soil samples and has results available in 7-10 days for $20.  MSU also conducts soil tests.  Go on-line and check it out.

Vow to avoid synthetic fertilizers in your yard this year!  Go organic.  Feed the soil to support the plants.  Stay away from chemicals and drugs that degrade the soil and boosts plant growth.

Plant native.  Add one or more Michigan native plants to your yard.  Begin with a Serviceberry, Amalachier leavis, or a Butterfly Weed.  Each will increase the food sources for insects and critters available in your yard.  The more, the healthier!

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