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February 11 BoD Approved Minutes

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December 4th Agenda and Minutes


January 5th Board Minutes and Agenda

February 7th General Meeting Agenda and Minutes

March 2nd Board Minutes and Agenda

March 7th  Special Event & Meeting Minutes

May 4th Board Minutes and Agenda

June 6th Special Event & Meeting Minutes

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August 1st General Meeting Minutes

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October 3rd General Meeting Minutes

November 5th General Meeting Minutes


December 1st Agenda and Minutes

November 6th Volunteer Recognition Luncheon Minutes and State of the Association

October 4th General Membership Meeting Minutes

September 1st Agenda and Minutes

August 2nd 20th Anniversary Party Minutes; List of Partners, Sponsors, and Volunteers; and Schedule of Events

July 6th Agenda and Minutes

June 7th General Membership Meeting Minutes

May 12th Agenda and Minutes

May 3 General Membership Meeting Minutes

April 5th General Membership Meeting Agenda and Minutes

March 3rd Agenda and Minutes

February 2nd General Membership Meeting Minutes

February 2nd State of the Association Presentation

January 7th Agenda and Minutes 

January 21st Agenda and Minutes


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Special Green Roof Meeting Minutes (April 2015)

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