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Join our Association

The Master Gardener Association of Northwest Michigan (MGANM) is a chapter of the Michigan Master Gardener Association (MMGA). We are a group of Michigan State University Extension Master Gardeners, Master Gardener Trainees, and Community Gardeners who love to learn and share our knowledge. We promote the horticultural education activities of MSU Extension. 

The benefits of a tour at a honey farm and meadery? Samples! Sleeping Bear Farms tour 6/2/15 photo by MG W. Miller

The benefits of a tour at a honey farm and meadery? Samples! Sleeping Bear Farms tour 6/2/15 photo by MG W. Miller

Serving the community for 20 years, Master Gardener Association of Northwest Michigan promotes the community aspect of the Michigan State University Extension Master Gardener Program.  We also:

  • Provide scholarships for persons wishing to take the Extension Master Gardener (EMG) course in our area
  • Coordinate educational opportunities throughout the year that satisfy the EMG program requirements
  • Foster the relationship between Association members and the Michigan State University Extension EMG Program
  • Offer unique volunteer projects around the community
  • Publish a bi-monthly online newsletter containing articles that are scientific and research based as well as fun and intriguing 
  • Provide a unique ability to network with others who are passionate about gardening
Listening to Chris Skellenger of Buckets of Rain during our April 2016 MGANM meeting

Listening to Chris Skellenger of Buckets of Rain during our April 2016 MGANM meeting

Building communities and friendships

Building communities and friendships

How much is a membership?

Dues are $25 per year for an individual or $35 per year for a couple and are based on the calendar year.

What comes with my membership?

  • No entrance fee for regular monthly educational events
  • Connection with a community of Master Gardeners
  • Inspiration to improve personal gardening practices
  • Subscription to the Real Dirt e-newsletter, a bi-monthly publication on gardening in northwest Michigan
  • Exclusive access for membership-only tours & events
  • New members get discounts on logo t-shirts

How do I join?

You have two options.

 1: Fill out the membership application and bring it to any of our meetings or events.

2: (Preferred method): use the link to create an account and register online. You will choose your membership level, create a profile, and be prompted to pay using PayPal.  This new system allows for better communication and project outreach and has become a valuable tool for our volunteers. 


Meetings take place on the first Tuesday of most months and consist of an educational offering that is open to the public. Check the schedule.

What is the difference between being an Extension Master Gardener(EMG) and a member of MGANM?

While an EMG can find volunteer opportunities directly through MSUE, our Association offers more of a ‘boots on the ground’ approach to the volunteering component of maintaining your EMG certification.  MSUE is designed primarily to offer the core education for an EMG (basic course, EMG College, etc). MGANM takes that a few steps further.

One question we hear from both trainees and veteran Master Gardeners is: “What is the difference between the MSUE $20 recertification fee each January and the MGANM $25 membership renewal in January?  

The answer:  MSUE certifies your volunteer and education hours in the MSU Volunteer Management System (VMS) and charges a fee of $20 to run the Master Gardener program.  The recertification fee pays for things such as maintaining the VMS database, offering the training class, and hosting Master Gardener College.   When you re-certify each year, you are “licensed” by MSUE.

The Master Gardener Association of Northwest Michigan is an independent nonprofit corporation, under the 501c3 umbrella of the state-wide Michigan Master Gardener Association.  We are a “professional” association and work closely with MSUE.  Our annual membership is $25 each calendar year.  We provide educational programming and coordinate volunteer activities and support projects. I like to think that we are the heart of the Master Gardener program.

Michigan Garden Hotline

9am to Noon, M-F Year round
Also 1pm-4pm in Spring/Summer


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