2014 Volunteer Awards

Newly Certified Volunteers
(Trainees who completed 40 volunteer hours)

Lindy Barnes
Peggy Burman
Jillian Foerster
Corey Hansen
Mary Lynn Heid
Jason Hill
Joanne Johnsen
Mary Norris
Kathleen Olson
Judith Reich
Kathleen Scott
Laurie Schneider
Barbara Solomonson
Barbara Springsteen
Terry Virta
Linda Walter
Marvin Walter
Tom Waurzyniak
Glynis Waycaster
Lori White

Advanced Master Gardener Volunteers
(EMGs who completed 50 volunteer hours AND 25 continuing education hours within five years of initial certification)

Kelly Dillan
Kristine Drake
Michael Kiessel
Lori Oberson
Jill Porter

Lifetime Service Awards

250 Hours

Kelly Dillan
Candy Gardener
Cheryl Gross
Whitney Miller
Ruth Steele-Walker
Suzanne Waring
Larry Winegar

500 Hours

Karen McClatchey
Martha McPheters-Ealy
Luc Serriere

1500 Hours

Ann McInnis

Top 10 Volunteer Hours

Luc Serriere, 360.5 Hours
Ann McInnis, 319 Hours
Karen McClatchey, 303 Hours
Martha McPheters-Ealy, 253 Hours
Whitney Miller, 178.5 Hours
Trina Ball, 128.25 Hours
Nancy Larson, 127 Hours
Theresa Harding, 121 Hours
Ann Nichols, 119 Hours
Marina Deering, 104.5 Hours

Master Gardeners of the Year

Benzie: Cheryl Gross

Grand Traverse: Liz Clous

Leelanau: Kathy Lewis

*Special recognition to Kathleen Olson in Wexford

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