Beautify – September 2019

What’s Happening at the Botanic Garden?

It’s been a while since I brought everyone up to date on the exciting things happening at The Botanic Garden.  This past spring, a group of dedicated volunteer gardeners came together to plant a Pollinator Garden under the direction of Laurel Voran, our Horticulturist.  It brings us such joy to see that we are already experiencing butterflies and bees working those flowers.  Next year, this garden should be in full bloom for visitors to enjoy. Last fall, beds were laid out with pathways to follow but recently, a fence was installed by the “possum lodgers” (group of men that do most of the heavy work around the garden) to keep people from cutting through the garden beds. 

Pollinator garden at The Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park

In addition, this past June, Marty Kermeen began to install 26,000 hand cut pavers to make the Labyrinth.  When completed, this will ultimately be the cornerstone of the healing gardens at the Botanic Garden.  In the beginning, the process took several days to level the stone and lay out the circles. The actual pattern will be done last.  This Labyrinth will measure 4 football fields in length and it is the largest paver labyrinth Marty has ever created. It is fashioned after the famous Chartres labyrinth in France.  Expected completion is sometime this year, at the end of September or beginning of October. 

Marty Kermeen installing pavers at The Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park

Please plan to visit when you can.  The Botanic Garden is open Monday through Saturday from 9-5 and on Sunday from Noon to 5pm.  Free tours are available–just sign up on the website. Walking tour maps are also available for those who choose to do their own tour.  And . . . don’t forget to visit the fabulous gift shop at the Biederman Visitor Center.

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