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Master Gardener MapThe best place to solve a garden problem is in the garden itself, but few professionals have time to make site visits, and not everyone can afford to hire an expert. Wouldn’t it be great if every neighborhood had Extension Master Gardeners ready, willing, and able to help? To find out if there’s an Extension Master Gardener on your Block who can help you, fill out the form below. Additionally, you may call our local Michigan State University Extension using the information provided at the bottom of this page.     

As of 2014, northwest Michigan is fortunate to have over 100 Extension Master Gardener Volunteers serving across the region. If there is one available to volunteer to help you, he or she will work with you to find research-based answers by tapping into MSUE’s extensive scope of information resources, such as the MIGarden website, the NWMI Diagnostics Clinic, or the Michigan Garden Hotline. Master Gardeners typically help people find answers pertaining to the topics below.

Master Gardener Topics
Lawn & Garden Support Composting & Soils
Growing Food Pests & Disease
Indoor Plants Stewardship & Conservation

Are you fortunate enough to have a Master Gardener on your Block? 

Please remember that Master Gardeners serve as volunteers, and therefore serve as they can and when they can. We cannot guarantee that everyone who requests help will receive help at home, but all are encouraged to take advantage of the full scope of MSUE resources available to home gardeners.

Please provide a brief description of your lawn or garden challenge. Be as specific as possible, indicating, if possible, plant botanical names, a brief summary of the pertinent history of care, and your precise goals for any potential solution.
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