Downtown Traverse City Pollinator Planters

In conjunction with the Downtown Development Authority and Master Gardener Volunteers a project was started in 2019 to place several planters along Front Street in downtown Traverse City.  These planters are filled with plants for the pollinators.  The planters are owned by the Downtown Development Authority and city employees provide the watering. Master Gardener Volunteers provide dead heading, weeding, etc.

There is signage educating the public about the pollinator planters and the variety of plants in the planters.  In 2020 a Citizen Science Project was started to do a pollinator count.  Dr. Nate Walton set up an app and website for the project.  As an experiment half of the planters had biochar added.

The planters are a wonderful addition to downtown and provide beauty, education and help our incredible pollinators. For more information, please contact Nate Walton

The project was the subject of the August, 2020 MGANM meeting and the recording is in the members section of the website.

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